Team Structure


Because Formula Electric Belgium is quite a small team compared to the competition, efficiency is essential. Therefore we need a clear team structure where every team member has his specific function.

In total we have five main departments: powertrain, chassis, electronics, R&D and marketing.

  • The powertrain department is responsible for the entire drive system of the car and the energy storage in the batteries.
  • The chassis department works on the carrying structure of the car and the suspension.
  • The electronics department takes care of the ECU, the battery management system and all electronic communication within the car.
  • The R&D department researches new innovative technolgies which can be implemented into the car this year or in the future.
  • The marketing department takes care of all the communication and ensures a good cooperation with our partners.


Each department is led by a team member who is responsible for the follow-up of the different parts and organizes the department meetings.

Team Members

Gert-Jan Paulus

Formula Electric Belgium gives me the opportunity to practice my soft- and technical skills. My major learning goal is the management experience that I gain during the year. This year I’m the team manager, which means I make sure everyone is on the same page and working together. This means I have to consult a many parties that make our project possible. One of these parties is the Technovation Hub, where I participate in the board of directors. Furthermore I handle all the financials of the team and make sure everything is correct. In my spare time I’m a volunteer at Vleugel F, a youth organization in Leuven. Besides this I’m a youth trainer in badminton and I like to run.

Vincent Beckers

I’ve always had a big interest in anything tech related. I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t making something or disassembling something else to understand the working principles behind it. Today I gratify this urge by tinkering with classic cars and building an electric racecar with Formula Electric Belgium.

As Chief Engineer of the FEB team, I’m responsible for the overall cohesion of the design. Making sure every element of the car corresponds with our vision as well as making sure everything fits together. Therefore I manage the 3D CAD assembly. It is critical to have at least some knowledge of every component but obviously that is not always present at first. Learning about those aspects is challenging but very rewarding at the same time. I’m very much looking forward to create an amazing piece of machinery together with the team!

Lode Van Assche

<p>Chef Sloeffe</p>

My main motivation to be part of Formula Electric Belgium is my intention to achieve extra soft-skills that you can’t learn at the university. It gives me opportunities to develop myself as an engineer that I can’t get anywhere else. It’s also a perfect way to bring my technical knowledge into practice. I’m the head of powertrain, which means I need to make sure that all members of the powertrain department work well together. Personally I work on the motors and the gearbox. In my free time I try to do different sports like karate, running, swimming and so on.

Dries Van Den Bergh

The most important reason I wanted to join Formula Electric Belgium, is the fact that I can improve my practical skills. During my studies as an engineer, I sometimes had the feeling that it was all too theoretical and I had too few practical lessons. This year I am the head of chassis. I am responsible for the non-electrical parts of the car like the suspension, the monocoque and so on. I have to make sure that all the different components come together smoothly to create a single racecar. In my free time, I do several sports like football and running. Sometimes I also play some music.

Thomas Willems

The reason I chose to join Formula Electric is because I love working in a team of people with other specialties. This allows the team to make a product that you would never have been able to make by yourself.

As Head of Electronics, I manage a group of engineering students to implement all electrical parts into our car, making sure all components communicate with each other in an efficient way.

Besides the project I’m also a member of a student fraternity.

Wannes Vanheusden

This project gives me the possibility to practice both my technical skills and my soft-skills. It helps me to find out which direction I want to go after graduating. Personally, I am in charge of the marketing. This means I’m responsible for the smooth communication with the outside world. This involves the communication with the partners as well as the communication to the press, supporters and so on. Besides this, I am also active in the scouts where I’m guiding youngsters for my fourth year now.

Giel-Jan Vanderzypen

I wanted to be part of a Formula Student team ever since I was 16 when the Lessius Racing team first visited my high school with their racecar. When I was looking for a thesis two years ago, I found the Formula Electric Belgium team, which was like a dream coming true. Last year I did my thesis about the aerodynamics of the car. While doing this, my interest in the team kept growing until I had the chance to become a full member of the team myself. I’m responsible for the communication with the master students of this year. When I have time left, I like to spend my time on my mountainbike or at the swimming pool with my friends.

Arthur Coppieters

<p>I like trains</p>

The reason I joined the team is to develop and learn more technical skills as well as practice soft skills of working in a team. Within the team I’m part of the electronics department where I’m in charge of the ECU, the central ‘brain’ of the car. I’m also developing together with Thomas Meyers the new battery pack and battery management system. Outside of the team I’m active as a volunteer in an association that restores old trains.

Arno Geysen

I joined the Formula Electric team because I wanted to see if I was able to build or design something with all the knowledge I have acquired during the last few years and to see if I am able to function in a real engineering team. This year, I will design the suspension and the in-wheel components. This mainly involves establishing suspension points, determining geometry of parts, selecting components and doing strength calculations. This is more a technical function but also requires a lot of teamwork.
Outside the team I like to do all different kind of sports but mainly football.

Christophe Jacobs

Ever since I was a kid, I have always been interested in motorsports. That’s one of the most important reasons why I have chosen to become an engineer. When I started with my studies, I had never heard of the formula student competition. But when I met Formula Electric Belgium at school, I knew I wanted to be part of it. For our next car, I will help to design the monocoque. This way, I will enhance my technical skills as well as my soft- skills. This in combination with my studies is like a dream coming true.

Laurens Joosen

Design and build your own parts with materials you do not encounter in every day live. In the end, working with tight deadlines where good communication is critical will make me a better engineer. Together with Arne and Christophe, I’m responsible for the single-piece monocoque. With a focus on a lightweight design, we make sure every part of the car fits inside the monocoque. Besides that I’m the one responsible for EHS. This means I make sure the whole team works in a safe and clean environment. When I ‘m not working on the car, I like to hang out with friends or go jogging.

Thomas Meyers

Ever since I was a little kid, I was fascinated by racecars. Being in a racing team was one of many amazing dreams, that I fulfilled by joining the team. In the team I’m responsible for the battery system of the car, with my colleague Arthur Coppieters I hope to make a great and reliable design.

During my years in the team, I would like to learn how to develop good products and learn how to work together with a team to reach an amazing achievement. Working in a team like this also allows me to learn how to network and how to reach out to companies to collaborate with.

In my free time, I play badminton on competition level and train the youth of my club. I like to go karting, since I love to race, and from time to time I go on a bike trip.

Peter Sacharias

The reason I joined the Formula Electric Belgium team is because it connects two of my interests. The first one is electric cars, which is something I’ve been interested in since I was very young. The second interest is racing which is something I’ve always wanted to do. In the team I’m responsible for the proper control of the drives. This means that I make sure the motors get the right signals.
I also help with other electronic parts and the support for the site. When I have time to spare, I like to play the guitar and practice karate.

Michiel Van den Brandt

Last year I was already a member of the Formula Electric Belgium team. This year I chose to do a postgraduate in innovative entrepreneurship so I could stay with the team for another year. During this year I will not only sharpen my technical skills like last year, but also my soft skills will be enhanced by working in a team with more people and working with supporting companies. Last year I was in charge of the development of the torque vectoring system. This year I will be developing the cooling system of the car. Besides this project, I am also active in scouting and busy with a lot of DIY projects.

Seppe Verstraeten

I’ve been interested in fast cars and motorcycles my entire life. This is then also the reason that I joined Formula Electric Belgium. Being able to build an electric racecar that goes from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds is just awesome! This project gives me the possibility to practice both my technical skills and my soft-skills. My responsibility within the team is to make sure that our racecar handles as well as possible by making a proper suspension setup. Besides racecars I like to visit the gym every once in a while and hit some shots on the golf course.

Bart De Vos

Being part of a race team has always been a dream of mine. When the opportunity to join Formula Electric Belgium arose, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. It’s a great way to learn about latest innovations and technologies in a student-friendly environment.

I am responsible for creating a vehicle dynamics model. This involves all aspects of a race vehicle so it’s definitely a challenge. When completed it should have a big impact on the development of our future cars.

Besides this project I enjoy the occasional mountainbike ride, I am also a passionate Sim Racer.

Lander Fonck

Technics and innovation have always inspired me. In this team, I can get a closer look to new materials and production methods. I also like working in a team with quick feedback and a tight deadline.
Together with Jens Van Eetvelde, I am responsible for the design of the ergonomic seat. Our master’s thesis gives us the possibility to design, plan and produce the product. Besides this, I’m a trumpet player and treasurer in a concert band.

Alessio Van Den Broeck

I have always been interested in cars, so to be able to help build one was a dream coming true. Joining the Formula Electric Belgium team is also the perfect opportunity to prove to myself and to everyone that I have the required skills to be a successful engineer.


Together with my friend and colleague Wout Jacobs, I will design the aerodynamics package of the new car.


Besides all of this, I also have other passions such as fitness, which I try to do 4 times a week. One day, I hope to compete as a professional athlete.

Jens Van Eetvelde

All my life, I’ve been passionate about cars. It’s a dream to combine my passion with my future work. For this reason, I chose to study mechanical engineering. As part of graduation, I’m pleased to fulfil my master’s thesis at Formula Electric Belgium. Being part of the team gives me the opportunity to develop both my practical and soft skills. This year I’ll be, together with Lander Fonck, responsible for the ergonomic seat of the car.

Wout Jacobs

I joined the team because it gives me the opportunity to work on an amazing project. Racing and cars have always been a passion of mine, so I'm really pleased that I can pursue this passion through designing a part of a real racecar Besides that I also get to meet a lot of people with the same interests and goals making the teamwork an awesome experience.

Within our team structure, my colleague Alessio and me are responsible for the design of the aerodynamics. This includes designing the front-, rear- and side wings of the car and of course the diffuser as well.

Besides the team I'm Vice-President of my fraternity, Hoogstudentengilde De Wesp, for the third year in a row. That includes taking leadership in the organization of any activity we do and representing our fraternity in public to maintain a good image.

Boon Breyne

My Formula Student experience helps me to develop myself as a good racing engineer ready for the real deal with experience in the paddock, knowledge of the various phases of the design, construction and testing process. It’s the bridge between university and professional life. Together with a fellow mechanical engineer I tackle the challenge of torque vectoring for the 4WD in-wheel drivetrain. As I’m passionate about everything speed-related, I also engage in running, cycling, Formula 1 and moving my fingers as fast as possible over my piano keyboard.

Pieter Meulemans

Formula Electric Belgium gives me the oportunity to fulfill my master’s thesis in a challenging and exciting way. With a fellow mechanical engineer, I work on the torque vectoring so the new car will finish the dynamic events in the fastest way possible. In my free time I change the racecar for a boat and instead I go water skiing and wakeboarding.

Lars Bogaerts

I chose Formula Electric Belgium because I really wanted to do this ever since I knew it existed. Each time I saw the car or members working on it at school, I looked up at them and wanted to be part of it all. This year there was a possibility to be part of the team and help redesign the aerodynamics. This is a great opportunity to grow as an engineer and to prove I am capable. Ever since I was a little boy I liked cars, especially Formula 1. These cars have so much downforce that they can drive upside down. Beside the project I race motorcycles on track.
I am in a pit crew of a racing team and occasionally I go to the shooting range.

Mathias Muylle

I chose to do a master’s thesis around optimizing and validating the aerodynamics parts of the racecar. Aerodynamics is a very important subject for the improvement of a modern racecar. Formula student gives me the chance to be part of this daring challenge. This project also gives me the possibility to work in team and helps me to find out in which direction I want to go after graduating. Besides this project, I practice windsurfing and motocross.

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