Partner Day at Brustem

On Saturday 28th of May, Formula Electric Belgium organized it’s first ever partner day. The event was hosted on the Limburg Regional Airport in Brustem, and allowed partners to experience the power of our electric formula student cars first hand, either through a test run or as spectator.

Ultrasonic welding battery pack

Our battery pack consists out of 288 cells. When the gas pedal is pressed down current flows through the motor but while breaking energy is recuperated by letting our motor work as generator. This recuperation allows us to use 30% less battery cells and still complete a full endurance race!

Our battery pack is in 96s3p setup, this means 96 cells are in series with each 3 cell in parallel. This setup allows us to provide sufficient power of 80kW to the motors but in such a way that the current is low. As a result we have less losses and lower electromagnetic interference.

To connect the parallel cells we use the special welding technique, namely ultrasonic welding. By using ultrasonic vibrations and a high compressive force the cell taps are welded together. The advantages of this technique is that no filler material is needed and thus results in a clean weld. Our partner Rodgers Corporation made this possible though we had to go to Switzerland for the welding process.     

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